Restaurant Week 2013: Apiary

Apiary's Chicken

Apiary’s roasted organic chicken. Photo from Jay Miller.

I have an irrational fear of bees.

An apiary is a bee yard.  Where bees are kept.  Lots of bees.  All in the same place.  So you can imagine my trepidation when I realized I’d have to go to Apiary as part of East Village Vibe’s Restaurant Week feature.

Luckily Apiary doesn’t have any actual bees but their staff certainly buzzes around quickly, always at work to make your dining experience as smooth as possible.  The classy-yet-understated décor complemented the dim lights, the honeycomb decoration on the wall I was facing glinting gently in the light.

We sat down and went straight for the Restaurant Week menu, eager to put our $38 to good use.  As we perused the menu we were given fresh bread and olive oil to dip it in.

Deciding on the chilled corn velouté appetizer, made with chorizo oil and chives, we finished our bread as a busboy came around to clean up our breadcrumbs.  When it came, the soup was absolutely scrumptious; I usually hate cold soups but my love of corn and the great flavors won out.

I went for the roasted organic chicken because I am both very predictable and extremely predictable, but I was very happy with it.  It was made in a garlic confit and came with a potato puree.  The chicken was cooked extremely well and the potatoes were nice and creamy.

But for some reason I was given a regular knife instead of a sharp steak knife, making it hard to cut my meal.

Nonetheless, I powered through my plate quite happily.  The garlic confit gave the chicken a richer flavor without being overpowering and the potatoes acted as a good palate cleanser.

We split our desserts: A blackberry financier and a vanilla panna cotta with raspberry coulis.  The financier, which was a small cake, was fantastic.  The blackberry flavor shined and went really well with the cake’s sponginess.

The panna cotta, however, absolutely stole the show.

A cooked cream dessert with vanilla and raspberry.  Just … wow.  It was by far my favorite part of the meal and I struggled not to steal the whole thing for myself.  The whole experience was worth it just for the panna cotta.

I heartily recommend Apiary (60 3rd Ave. b/t 10th & 11th Sts.).  They open every day at 5:30 PM and serve great meals until 10 PM (11 PM on Friday and Saturday).  Nothing I had there had any honey in it but the meal was totally sweet.

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