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I have a thing for wings. Boneless, traditional, with spice, without spice … I like them all. And while I have my favorite place to go for wings—sorry East Village, it’s not here yet—I wasn’t going to make that trek this night. And besides, I was going to see another night of F L O W by my friend Tony, so I had to find a local place.

My sister was coming with me that night and after walking around a bit I happened upon Croxley’s on Avenue B. Croxley’s is an “Ale House & Eatery” that has a ton of beers and all sorts of wing flavors. But it’s not the flavors that were intriguing to me.

It was the prices. And boy, let me tell you: These prices are amazing.

Croxley’s has classic wings for 20 cents apiece. That’s right: For one dollar, you can eat five wings. But that’s not the only deal. If you are feeling cheap you can spend a dime and get a boneless wing. Yes, ten boneless wings and all you need to do is drop a buck.

Naturally I had to see what this was all about. So my sister and I ordered 20 boneless and 15 classic wings. I viewed this $5.00 investment as a great scientific experiment in whether the wings were good or not.

There’s a reason I will go somewhere else and pay closer to a dollar a wing and that’s because flavor is so paramount. Croxley’s gets a 5 out of 10 for this. Their classic wings are actually quite tasty, though they’re light on the meat. We got mild and they’re not too spicy.

It’s the boneless ones I was disappointed in. I understand that they have to go as cheap as possible so as to not lose money but they were insanely dry and lacking in flavor. The only thing that did make up for it is that the sauces they’re covered in are good. But if I were to go back a second time I would spend the extra 10 cents a wing and go with the classic.

We also got an order of potato skins which, while flavorful, were unnecessary. Add in a couple of beers and the meal turned in to a $30 ordeal (including tax and tip). Was it Earth-shattering? Absolutely not. But those classic wings were definitely worth 20 cents apiece.

But wait! There are rules. You can only get the boneless wings Sunday through Thursday and Saturday from 12 PM to 5 PM. The classic wings are the same except there is no Thursday option. And there is a $5 beverage minimum per person at a table which explains why we were carded when we walked in. Beer is almost a must. While it didn’t matter since we ordered beer, our waitress explained that she rarely makes her tables follow the rules.

All in all, Croxley Ale House (28 Ave B. b/t 2nd & 3rd Sts) is a decent place to go for wings. If you don’t have much money and want to eat a lot of wings, it’s definitely the place to go.

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