I’ll Take the Highway Over Jennifer’s Way

Jennifer's Way Bakery CookiesChocolate chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Photo from Jay Miller.

Look, I really hate saying negative things about EV businesses.  Hell, I hate saying negative things about all businesses.  But East Village Vibe promises honest reviews for readers who want to be in the know, and that’s why I can’t sugarcoat the truth.

Jennifer’s Way Bakery may be gluten-free, but it’s way too expensive and not delicious enough to justify the cost.

If that’s all you need to know, then head over to the East Village’s best gluten-free shop, Tu-Lu’s, for your super delicious gluten-free fix.  But I have all the details after the jump.

Jennifer’s Way is a quaint bakery with an Old West general store feel to it.  They have wood everywhere and some exposed brick, even playing old-time music.  The whole ambiance is completely adorable and belies the expensive, gourmet status the menu connotes.

The primary reason to go to Jennifer’s Way is their entirely “gluten free, dairy free, soy free, peanut free, and refined sugar free” menu.  (Only some of their items are vegan.)  I first went for a salt bagel but also picked up a trio of cookies: Chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chunk, and oatmeal chocolate chip.

Those four items cost me $9.75.

That wouldn’t be a deal-breaker in and of itself—tons of NYC delicacies are expensive—but, as you can see, the cookies and bagel are average-sized at best and maybe a bit on the small side in the case of the bagel.  And they don’t even prepare the bagel for you; you have to bring it home and prepare it yourself.

Jennifer's Way Bakery BagelI schmeared my salt bagel with Nutella and speculoos (from Wafels & Dinges) to create an epic salty-and-sweet combination and toasted it.  It was melty and plenty gooey, but as much as I enjoyed it I couldn’t help but think how overpriced the meal was.  The cookies, while fine, weren’t much better.

The good news is that Jennifer’s is so good at what they do that their food only betrays a hint of unusual preparation.  Unfortunately, it’s not nearly the best stuff I’ve had and Tu-Lu’s is just flat-out way better.   Walk a block away and get the higher-quality food at a lower price.

Jennifer’s Way Bakery (263 E. 10th St. b/t 1st Ave. & Ave. A) changes its hours seasonally so I can’t give you a reliable read on when they’ll be open.  I also can’t recommend you get your gluten-free food there.  If they find a way to cut their prices significantly, however, I’ll definitely be back to reassess them.

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