Drink to Your Health at Sláinte

Health in Every Language

Sláinte’s many ways of wishing you good health. Photo from Jazz F. at Yelp.

My friends and I joined a volleyball team at New York City Social Sports Club (NYCSSC).  ZogSports is nice but I’ve not found them terribly communal; NYCSSC, on the other hand, truly uses sports as an excuse to party.

And after each and every volleyball game, we went to nearby Sláinte for a pint and some games.

“Sláinte” is Irish for “health” and—as you can see from the picture—they want everyone from everywhere to know what they care about.  A phrase traditionally used as a toast when clinking mugs, Sláinte fosters a fun environment that supports their namesake quite well.

Most of my experiences with Sláinte came after games and NYCSSC made sure that the bar was ready.  The entire back part was cordoned off and the barkeeps served up mixed drink after mixed drink while the waitresses happily lugged pitcher after pitcher to the tables.

And most of the tables were playing flip cup or Beirut (aka beer pong).

I don’t think that Sláinte’s standard operating procedures include college-style drinking games but they seem more than happy to accommodate the revelry.  And since Sláinte is an official sponsor bar for NYCSSC, they have 20something and 30something athletes in their bar most days of the week.

As a result, the bar can get kind of loud and crowded, even on, say, a Tuesday night.  But that really just makes it more likely that you’ll be able to make friends since someone will shout at you to join a game then introduce you to a table full of new friends.

Head down to Sláinte (304 Bowery at 1st St.) from 12 PM to 4 AM any day of the week for a good time.  But it may be worth your while to join a team at NYCSSC: You’ll get discounts at the bar and make plenty of new friends along the way.

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