About Us

A WordPress hosting company that gets it (traffic, that is)

Evolving from a one-man blog in 2006 to a network of content and product sites generating 2.5 million monthly page views by 2011, Copyblogger Media has serious hosting requirements.

Copyblogger founder Brian Clark always invested heavily in web hosting. Even back during the early days when he was unknown.
That’s because the blog (and the company) grew by demonstrating the power of content, which means large and unpredictable traffic spikes from blog and website links, social media news sites, and social network sharing.

Hosting was always a sore spot, no matter which high-end solution Brian sought.

Struggling to keep the site up during traffic success is a distraction from the real business of any company, plain and simple.
For example, even though StudioPress.com was on a dedicated server with a wellknown hosting company, every link from Copyblogger.com would bring the site down.

Not good.

Meanwhile, across town …

Another group of Internet entrepreneurs were blazing trails in the sports blogging scene. Their sites quickly ramped up to 1.5 million monthly page views, bringing similar server issues.

Except with this group, there was a difference.

Orangecast was headed by Derick Shaefer, a 10-year-veteran from Microsoft with a deep background in large-system scalability. He and the team had fallen in love with WordPress thanks to the flexibility and publishing ease it provided their growing network of sports sites.

This meant Orangecast needed to quickly figure out how to configure servers to get optimal performance from WordPress. And they did, out of pure necessity.

Brian and Derick met in 2009. By late 2010, Derick convinced Brian that Copyblogger Media’s network of sites needed to be on his custom server stack solution.

By early 2011, it was so.

But then, the conversation got really interesting …

The idea of “synthesis” goes back to 2010. It’s the complete online publishing and content marketing solution that Copyblogger Media has been working toward.

So when Derick and his team came to work for Copyblogger Media, we used the Synthesis brand for the foundational aspect of that solution – superfast, secure, and expertly supported WordPress hosting.

But that was only the beginning. In June of 2013, we added our patent pending Scribe content marketing software to every Synthesis account. Because what good is great hosting without traffic and leads?

Synthesis will continue to evolve into an even more complete solution. But one thing won’t change … the solid hosting foundation that we worked hard to establish first.

Get on board with Synthesis and get more out of WordPress.