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If you’re a New Yorker, you know pizza. Some of us know bagels. But everyone knows pizza. But what kind of pizza? Well if you ask Jon Stewart, you’ve only got one choice. Let’s be real: There are a lot of different kind of pizzas, but only one kind of New York pizza.

Fortunately, South Brooklyn Pizza is exactly the kind of pizza you should be having.

So on a cold, cold, cold night, I met up with Victoria and we decided to have some pizza. And we decided to try a place that was nearly impossible to find. If it weren’t for the tiny spot in the front with the pizza oven, we’d have never found it.

South Brooklyn Pizza is actually broken up into two parts. The front is for take-out and has only one table to sit at with a single friend. There are slices, a few toppings, and that’s it.

The back, though, is a full dine-in restaurant that has a few more options to pick from. That being said, I went to South Brooklyn Pizza because the reviews said things such as, “This is by far the best pizza in NYC” and “If you like thin, crispy pizza this place is for you.” Sorry, Luzzo’s.

Because we were unusually hungry, we started with an order of garlic knots and a glass of wine each. Holy hell, I’ve never had garlic knots so damn tasty. I really am a fan of garlic and these had plenty of it. They were covered in olive oil without being soggy and were very flavorful.

But then the margherita pizza came. And this is why we were here: It’s a really thin crust, not the thinnest I’ve ever had, but it ranks up there. I took a piece, took a bite, and just grinned.

I have a thing for sauce, fresh mozzarella, and the fresh taste of basil. The crust was crispy. And it just went down so smoothly.

And so I ate another slice. And another. I devoured half the pie before I knew it and stopped myself short. It was so good that I could have eaten more but I needed to try and be reasonable.

But then came the pizza dessert. Take a pizza, put chocolate on it, and then top with banana. (Jay didn’t try it when he went, but Max Brenner is known for something like this.)  And then eat. So in essence, I actually ate an entire pizza pie that night because I ate half the dessert as well.

South Brooklyn Pizza (122 1st Ave b/t 7th St. and St. Marks Pl.) is an incredible place to get a slice or a pie. But if you’re going to go, understand that it’s more expensive than other places, and that because it’s so good, expect a few drunk people around. But hey, that comes with the pizza territory.

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