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Big Changes Coming!

Website Under Construction

Hiya, East Villagers!  Jay here to announce some big changes coming to East Village Vibe, but first things first: Jacob and I deeply apologize for the lack of updates over the past number of weeks.  Our readers expect high-quality content delivered daily, but we haven’t delivered—and there’s no excuse for that.

We do, however, hope you’ll forgive us, because big changes are coming to East Village Vibe.

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The Brazen Fox Boldly Saves the Day

The Brazen FoxThe lemon herb chicken and mashed potatoes.  Photo from Jay Miller.

I had not been having a good day.

The subway home was a complete mess, shutting down the express and forcing me onto the local. The local was crawling, forcing me to bail for the bus. The bus refused to come for a long time then inched its way along, putting me in danger of being late.

I hate being late.

So I bailed from the bus and realized I had to walk, conveniently, through the East Village to get where I was going. I didn’t have time to finish everything I needed to, but I definitely had time to stop off for dinner and a drink.

And then I came upon The Brazen Fox, checked out the menu, and decided to forgo comfort food at S’MAC and have a big boy meal. It was only 6:30 PM and, on the placards noting their trivia night, I saw that it was happy hour.

I could get $5 well drinks.

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Erik Friedlander’s Bonebridge is Performing at SubCulture


If you’re interested in hearing a talented cellist from the downtown music scene, you should head over to SubCulture this Thursday at 7 PM to see Erik Friedlander and his Bonebridge band. They are having a concert for their new CD release, Nighthawks. Tickets will cost $20 at the door or $15 in advance at SubCulture’s website.

The band is made up of three other members: Doug Wamble on guitar, Michael Sarin on drums, and Trevor Dunn on bass. Combined with Friedlander, it is bound to be an enjoyable night.

As said about him, “Erik Friedlander can do things with a cello that should have a reasonable listener fearing for her life.”

He is known for doing entirely unpredictable things with the cello.

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East Village Radio is Shutting Down on May 26th


EV Grieve was the first to report on this and took the picture.

When Jay and I were setting up East Village Vibe, we wanted to know what other media entities there were around the neighborhood. There’s obviously the amazing EV Grieve who knows everything there is. There were some larger sites that covered the East Village—DNAinfo, Curbed, and others—and then there was East Village Radio.

I’ve tuned in to EV Radio and it really does epitomize what the East Village is all about. There’s no one type of person in the East Village and that was the way EV Radio was treated: As an eclectic mix of music for all types of people.

The station grew over its 11 years in existence to have over a million listeners across the world. It was how a lot of up-and-coming musicians got discovered and how new DJs started their careers.

But now it is all coming to an end. On May 26th, East Village Radio is shutting down for good.

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Walter Martin at Joe’s Pub for Just $18

Walter Martin

Indie fans will surely remember The Walkmen, a group that got known for their use of vintage instruments but went on “extreme hiatus” late last year. It turns out that organist-bassist Walter Martin has been busy, announcing his debut album, We’re All Young Together, earlier this year.

The album dropped literally two days ago and is what Martin calls “family music”: “I want families to enjoy it together,” he says, “but to me it’s just rock ‘n’ roll done the old-fashioned way.”

The music has a distinctly old-school feel that I find reminiscent of Raffi (of “Baby Beluga”, “Down By the Bay”, and “Bananaphone” fame). There’s enough here to hold your attention but it won’t overwhelm you. In short, it’s perfect for kids of all ages.

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Cramped, Personal Service at VideoGamesNewYork

VideoGamesNewYorkPhoto from Business Insider Australia.

“I’m getting rid of most of our PS2 games. Can you sell them?”

My face dropped when I got my sister’s text message. Getting rid of our games? How could she do that? That’s our childhood! I demanded to know which ones she was tossing. “Just the ones we don’t care about,” she said. “It’s not like we’re selling CTR or FF7.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and asked what she wanted to do. She said she wanted me to sell them at a shop here in New York that she had used once before. As luck would have it, that shop was right in the East Village: VideoGamesNewYork.

Now how could I pass that up? I’d be supporting a local East Village business and getting rid of stuff we don’t want.

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The Vegetarian Option at The Native Bean


All good things must unfortunately come to an end. We’ve reviewed Tompkins Square Bagel, Heaven’s Hot Bagels, Moishe’s, and Everything Bagels Café. We’ve eaten a lot of bagels (and gone back for seconds and thirds), but this final bagel is a special one because it broke me of my typical “type of bagel.”

The Native Bean reminds me of a real neighborhood kind of place. It’s small, quaint, and really quite pleasant. I wasn’t really able to pick up on what the theme of the cafe is. It’s just a small, cozy place to have a cup of coffee, bagel, and to get some work done.

And that’s what most people were doing here. To my left were two young women talking about some of the art they were working on. To my right was a bro in a Knicks hat writing away on his laptop.

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A Virtuosic Viola at SubCulture

Nadia SirotaI heard about Nadia Sirota about two minutes ago and immediately knew I had to share her with you.

She’s a radio host, yes—and a damned good one—but her claim to fame is her viola virtuosity. A quick Google search reveals heaps of praise for Sirota, including adulations from The New York Times and Time Out New York. And after having had a listen, I think it’s well-deserved. But more on that later.

Sirota will perform two shows this week in the East Village, collaborating with composer Missy Mazzoli on Tuesday and a bigger cast on Wednesday. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that SubCulture, with its incredible good taste in performers, is hosting.

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Complexity in Repetition at La MaMa

Dylan Crossman's "Every Me Sees Thou a Little Differently" at Roulette in Brooklyn.Photo from La MaMa.

As part of their annual dance festival, La MaMa presents a program that addresses complexity. Headlined by Dylan Crossman’s Every Me Sees Thou a Little Differently, which deals with human complexity, then moves to Ashley Chen’s Habits/Habits.

You know this one’s gonna be good: Chen and Crossman used to be partners at the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

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No Stars for China Star


There are varying levels of Chinese food that you can get in New York City. You can get straight up genuine food; you can really tasty Americanized; and you can get drunken. You know the kind I’m talking about: the bland, greasy, oh-my-God-this-is-so-damn-delicious-after-a-few-too-many-drinks Chinese food.

Jay and I were walking down 1st Ave. a couple weeks ago when we decided to get Chinese food. We had never been to China Star before, but it was there and we figured we might as well.

First thing, the place is really tiny. Most places I’ve been to have at least four or five tables for people to sit. Here there were two. We walked in and ordered our meals. We then sat down and waited, looking around at how dingy the place looked.

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